Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Journey

As i have continued to explore my meditation practice i have discovered the possibilities of going as deeply as i've previously read about( years ago and was unable to achieve) and possibly even as deep as some of the stories i have heard from those who take hallucinogens. In the last several weeks i have meditated at least 2-3 times per day with the exceptions of my first night off during the week( i reserve that for enjoyments of a different nature).

During these weeks i have had  3 very deep and fantastic journeys..

 It doesn't happen every time. It takes daily practice..and i never know when the experiences will come....It's extremely random and bizarre, but worth every single minute. I am given so much information, and am coming to so many new truths about life, my life, this world much.

I can only begin to describe these adventures. They are sincerely difficult to put into words..However the first journey i was able to write down immediately afterwards and post on my poetry/writing page on Facebook..i will copy and paste it here ( the 2nd and 3rd i will write about in future posts in a much different format):

Once upon a vibration a creature of the feminine was in repose. The creature had always manifested the feminine- sometimes fierce, sometimes vulnerable. Around her in the dimension she had chosen was the vivid waterfall and forest, the creatures therein, and the rocks. Feelings, as they are often called, of the bubbling liquids, cracks in the stones, translucency of leaves, and treks of tiny beings marching about permeated the air. The elements swirled casually pushing around the essences and acoustic extensions lended their symphonies to the environment.
A voice added to the knowledge plane:
Feelings aren’t a real thing- just a lingering vibration. Entities of nature connect with the vibrations at various times for various reasons…mainly to experience a specific sensation. The why’s are never important, nor are the circumstances. Involvement is the motivation.
The creature was drawn into the voice of wisdom: The rock – which spoke as an authority, being the oldest manifestation. She listened, the conversed, asking questions, receiving answers of great depth. The rock explained that he had birthed her, as well as all life coming after he himself was created. He had began as the foundation for many of the manifestations known to the visual world as trees, water, wind, fire, earth. All of those things were formed in order to nourish and nuture each one of the creatures known commonly as life forms. These are noticed in her current state usually as humans ..but also animals, insects, etc. Most of these forms move to our visible eye without effort, but the original manifestations are also moving at all times, just at such a slow rate it is often undetectable without special aids.When the rock commenced his oration, she then understood the connectedness of all, and how all are actually one.
Transported and transformed -the beginning of her own creation was revealed. A warm glowing and vibrant light eminated from her core. So amazed and awed ,she stayed in that state for moments of linear time…experiencing it.
Suddenly the connection she had heard of began to manifest at her own will, her feet grew into leaves , then branches, ..her arms formed into vines and her core into rock and water. She came to understand the power give to her- the ability for all beings ( all originating from a light form) have the power to manifest into any other form they chose, in order to experience the values of life .She began to ask questions again , can I become a tree? A waterfall? An animal?
Yes, indeed she and all beings can and chose throughout linear time which to become. She could not see herself as a crawling critter of the earth, no matter how she tried..the wisdom answered..”that is because you manifest as a bird, and that is because you are not bound to the solid. Not every creature is bound to one thing or another, yet some are- by choice from their origin”.
So overwhelmed by the knowledge gained, her mind almost heightened to exhaustion she asked to rest from it and immediately the rocks and trees again became solid and from her vantage point of the visual she saw the colors and vibrations of them for the first time. 
Slowly she came back to the vibration she had chosen for this life. Her fears of whether to share the knowledge came to light upon her shoulder, whispering quietly. She decided to give the fears no voice, but to use her own voice to share.