Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Binaural Puretones

This will officially begin my log of research concerning the most recent amazing discovery in my life.I am talking about the use of an ALL natural, chemical free, money free,guilt free way to achieve pain relief when you need it.

I ran into this method by accident approximately 2 weeks ago while one night after driving to work i was once again in such pain i could barely imagine making it through another shift of mainly sitting, sitting, sitting. Driving for me is even worse and i dread it every night and especially in the morning.

Anyway, i was in such desperation i was willing to try anything ( outside of narcotics-bad experiences)...i i have been using all manner of treatments for years and years with varying degrees of effectiveness - from daily prescriptions of arthritis/anxiety/muscle relaxer meds, to all 4 over the counter pain pills(aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen sodium-rotating them throughout the day), heat pads, cold compresses, yoga,meditation, mild to vigorous exercise, many, many relaxation techniques..none of it lasted very long with the exception of yoga & mediation which i stupidly gave up years ago and am now revisiting.

So ,i was in an almost crippled state, including in the equation that the mattress i have been forced to use since july has contributed exponentially to my pain factor. I went online to find a youtube video about SOMETHING....ANYTHING different i could try. i typed in" extreme pain  relief"...the 1st video that came up was something i'd never heard of...binaural tones...i thought.."what the hell..it cant hurt".

I was stunned and amazed....within 15 minutes my pain had been cut in half...no meds..no stretches, no 1 hr mediation....no visualization..In fact, no effort at all on my part..just earplug in, listening passively..

so i continued to search through various videos and learned that the most effective were the PURE tones( no music overlays)..and i googled all the textual info i  could as well.I read about the different tones ( delta, theta , beta, alpha, gamma) and their effects, origin of discovery, uses, and physiology.

i used the same initial video 5 nights in a row with increasing effectiveness, then tried a second round in a row - discovering COMPLETE pain relief within 25 minutes...my brain was reeling with excitement..I have not been pain free for decades, with the exception of my addiction to muscle relaxers over a decade ago and, well- we all know where that leads..Cold turkey was a bitch.

In the next week i discovered monaural tones...also very useful..then discovered isochromic tones..Insane....the more i experimented the more precise the effects. Finding the right ones for "me" was key, and i saved them in my bookmarks.
i have been trying them with and without OTC meds, heat/cold, etc....they were no more or less effective with them, so who needs the chemicals?Hooray!

i did learn also that they absolutely do NOT work with alcohol, caffeine,nerve or anxiety meds, etc.
Reclining is essential for me, closing my eyes is helpful but not necessary. Distractions and interruptions can decrease the effects drastically.

At any rate i continue my search daily..this morning and tonight i tried an SMR pure isochromic tone for anxiety and depression- i believe i will be able to actually replace my use of sleep meds with these pulsing tones.I continue with daily sessions of the extreme pain relief original video with wonderful results.And i am just getting ready to use a 40Hz Gamma pure tone for "the brains operating system". i want to log my own effects without reading any info first or other feedback so it will be purely result oriented and in my own words/experience- then check out what others say.

Additionally this has motivated me to look into other methods of self healing including a return to the newer biofeedback tools, flotation/sensory deprivation tanks, salt rooms/salt lamps, as well as inversion tables and TENS units..oh and a damn new mattress...Wish me luck!!


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