Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Dating Life

In the past month i decide i would try..yes, i said TRY, to date...here's a little something about my experiences

I tried to date casually by picking some random person on my Facebook page who seemed to be very nice and i had chatted with a  few times...we met at a group event and it was a pretty decent evening. The next date was him coming over to hang out with my roomie and i for the evening and that was ok, altho we were drinking and he spent the night on my sofa..drooling, snoring, and otherwise not being very attractive. The next time he came over to just hang out with me, got too drunk, kept making inappropriate advances until i finally had enough and made him leave. He got DUI on the way home.Lovely.We are still friends online but , no thanks.

Ok , so i go on two dating sites..started getting over 3oo messages a day and mostly form unacceptable persons who did not even bother to read my profile...they had kids at home, and were way over the age limit i specified..so i went ack in to change a few things..I got a few nasty comments that i ws demanding( owing to requiring the basics of having ones own car, their own place, a cell phone , and a job) wow....

I did meet  3-4 fairly nice guys and began chatting with them on Facebook..after a few weeks i made a date with one of them and we met at an event. It was pretty cool but he left early and i wound up having an awful evening after that(not his fault).In the next several weeks we dated casually and it was ok, but there were some obstacles and red flags. In the end , he decided he was homesick for his home town and was moving back in a month..it was kind of a relief. I really didn't have much time for him due to our opposite work schedules and my other obligations. We are still friends.

Then i went on a very casual date with someone i dated a few times about 2 summers ago. It was a quick dinner at a local bistro and we had fun catching up, but when he came over for "just a few minutes" afterwards..he started trying to make out with me..no....no...no...not ready for that and not interested in doing that stuff for a while.

So..now, i am back at square one.. trying to decide if i want to pursue the other 2 guys i met..i am really kind of down about it though..one has such bad work schedule we were never even able to set up a coffee date and usually just chat online at night. the other one lives in maryland and has a busy life as well..even though he seems like a decent choice..the distance and schedule are almost too daunting.

I am still in contact with my ex and we are always up and down in the friends vs. enemies department..and i hope that finally we have at least reached a stalemate or some loving civility.But i never know from day to day..He runs hot and cold.

I am starting to think i am doomed.I really don't want to get back on a dating site( i had disabled those two) and i will not date in my local community /area because of potential conflicts.


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