Friday, April 21, 2017

Free and Dark?

The weirdest thing is chasing your obscenities, as an have to go into the deepest darkest hole of humanity to get there...then when done... drag , scrape, and screech your way out of it...

how to connect with the darkness of art, yet not become it?

you go to the rabbit hole, ask it to suck you down and sign a contract ..that u will not hold it responsible..then digging upward..u find a way to day light..

from creepy doll music, to pipe organs to serial killer confessions (all on you tube) you descend..

then ...reach, claw and scramble to the surface with circus music and some Lurch music..maybe some steam punk giraffe, or Joe Satriani

you go to bed drunk or already hungover...

Maintain "innocent but obscene"..rearing and lassoing that Halo...

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