Thursday, February 16, 2017

Of Old and New Dreams..

Today I started something new..a poetry page!.I used to write poetry in my teen and young adult years and have written a handful in the years following. Sometime about 2 years ago, i started down the path of typing them all out, as previously they had all been only hand written. I'm still working on that.

Getting out of my box at least a few times a year and trying something new has always been a thing for me. It's helped me to grow and learn.

But there's something else.

In times of deep sorrow, deep thinking , and even deeper memories , there is a comfort in knowing i have felt a certain way before. It reminds me that life is not all good, not all bad, and not all in between.

I've had many loves and many lovers. I've had many homes and many places to live. I have had many jobs and s few careers. I have many family members by blood and many that are not. Hell, i've even had many pets, and many stuffed animals( hahaha).

But with each coming and going, there are always dark secrets to be told or kept inside..those kept inside can be written, hidden, and later taken in by the heart.

In this latest endeavor, i will seek to unleash the bonds that have held me for many years . I have pieces written as early as 1985, and pieces written only a few months ago. I've combined these with some dark art and photography of my own as well. Enjoy!

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