Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sometime last week

I currently have this blog closed to the public and all others must be invited by email, including my boyfriend. I had even him blocked until last week sometime since he asked to be added..unfortunately, even though i had deleted two of my previous posts, we got into an argument and i removed him again.
Now I've had this blog for about 2007- thats 9 years or so...it's basically been my diary/journal...somewhere i can vent whenever and however i want.His issue was that he felt it was rude of me to "publicly" humiliate him or talk about any issues with our intimate life..I ask anyone this...what the hell is the point of having somewhere to let off steam , if its going to be edited and monitored by someone else? How is that a personal diary? And didnt us girls share our diaries with whom we liked when we were "that age"?

I do understand the need to not feel as though others are hearing negative stuff about ourselves.But i will bring this to the table in our current situation. I speak about of private life, including sex , to hardly anyone, ever. Not my mom, my daughter, my BFF....co workers...no one. I pretty much keep things to myself..It is here that i have vented over the months and years..However, constantly and  frequently our intimate life, including sex, shared feelings and arguments we have had , are being shared with many of HIS friends...i never know about this until its been done..and sometimes months down the road, it will come out- usually accidentally...

So again, i ask you..is this fair of him to ask that i do not say anything negative about him in this format?

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