Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sleepy Time

Today i finally slept- but i and to take double my sleeping pill so now i feel hungover( the old one- the new one actually KEPT me awake). The doctor prescribed another hypnotic yesterday but its $330..i cant afford that...so it is back to the drawing board.

One theory i have is that with all the detoxing I've been doing for two months, my body is now way more "awake" which makes it difficult to sleep..I am hoping that if this is the answer that eventually my body will balance out . I have quit drinking( today is 67 days!) and quit caffeine( weaned off over a period of two months) Now i only drink 1-2 cups of decaf each day. Next goal with that is NO decaf- since there is a tiny amount of caffeine even in decaf.

Also- all the supplements I've been taking- Curcumin, B-50, B-12, Glucosamine, Chlorophyll, Bee pollen, Kefir, vinegar,etc have to be having an effect. I have started eating a lot better as well- fresher foods, less processed, and more water. Almost all of my "meds" are natural remedies- like arnica, willow bark and valerian.

Im trying to weed out anything that isn't working, and anything i may be allergic to.Next i will be trying a candida cleanse.

Anyway, just an update as to where i am at health-wise. Still trying, Still praying.

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