Monday, December 28, 2015

Changes Have Happened

A few weeks ago i posted a list of hopes and expectations as i began my journey into sobriety.Since then i have seen some of those things come true or at leafs partially develop.My skin is looking are 2 before and after pics:
This was from 9/30/ the almost height of my drinking...i look like i was poisoned
Here is one from 12/12/2015

As you can see..the lines have faded and my skin has perked up..less blemishes and sagging..Unfortnately i still am dealing with dark circles mainly due to lots of insomnia..heres one form this afternoon when i awoke , once again after only 5 hours of sleep
i have been reading and researching, they say lack of sleep makes you paler and therefore the circles are more apparent. You can see from all 3 pics that i am paler in general, i have stopped tanning.i am working on this issue with tea bags, elevating my head while sleeping and switching moisturizer to coconut oil.Also contributing could be my severe allergy issues..i have not taken a Claritin in over 2 weeks, and have been using only saline.

I have also been detoxing from caffeine..i am down to one cup of half caff a day then switching to herbal tea and Caffix, etc. 

Additionally i am more focused and in control. I don't have any urges or desires to drink and mostly thinking about it makes me nauseous.I don't want to say i'll never ever drink a glass of wine agin though and may think about it for my birthday in February.
Over all my meds and supplements have changed- i take metoprolol and diuril for my heart issues now and have had no palpitations. I did not need or want anxiety meds. I am taking a b-50 capsule daily along with glucosamine chondroitin. I make my own Kefir now and sweeten with honey, and add bee pollen.I take a tabs. of apple cider vinegar with the mother several times a week( cant hurt, and seems to give me energy). 

As fare as my health i have started using willow bark and arnica to deal with pain along with a daily maintenance of using the inversion table and TENS unit...i have been mostly pain free, exceptions are usually only when i skip a day.I still drink plenty of water as well.So over all its been a journey into better all around health.I did lose weight(7.5 lbs. but probably have gained some back..i take less OTC meds and my digestion is way better as well.. 
 i have considerably less anxiety and pain.....Now just trying to conquer the sleep issue...Namaste.

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