Sunday, December 27, 2015

After Christmas thoughts...

Well, Christmas wasn't s bad after all, and we even have started having better sex..i am so relieved.I didn't wanna picture my life as a boring old married couple stuck in a rut.I'd rather be single than that.
We went to his moms for dinner and it was very difficult for me..I expected to be there 2-21/2 hrs..we were there 41/2..i was in so much pain and my sinuses were tired.i like his mom...but i really really wanted to leave.

Right now I'm at work dealing with a toddler who , since about september , has decided to awaken at an average of 3am( 230am tonight) ..most likely because the family lets him sleep all so frustrated with tonight, instead of just letting him in the  crib, i got him up at 230a and let him play hope is that he will be so tired he will sleep all day and be wide awake for the it should be..and eventually sleep at night..i'm even considering getting him up early every single time he starts to stir on my shift until he gets back to his normal.( which was awake between 6 and 7am.) my period on christmas as hoping to a  better brighter new year with less insomnia and PAIN:)

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