Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hopes & Prayers

I've decided today to make a list of probable, possible benefits of quitting alcohol.Some of these are mainly "hopes" i have , for small things:
1. better skin & hair
2. lose weight
3. clearer mind( a definite )
4. aches &pains go away
5. less need for OTC meds
6. eventually work on quitting smoking
7. less nausea and better digestion
8.better vision
9.better  quality of sleep

I hope to have more motivation, get more stuff done, be more active and alive, go outdoors more, walk more.I hope to have some definitive goals, and be able to actively work on them. For 2 weeks now, for instance, i have paid $100 on my CC balance and put $50 into my savings..i plan to put at least $20 in very week.

Eventually i want to be able to contribute more financially in household expenses, and know that i could survive on my own if i had to.

I've been experimenting with pot..its going ok, better than i thought..i just have to go slow..the hardest part is getting over the fear and paranoia..then letting the tension go in my body. Im still fighting these things.I definitely have to not take the lexapro( terrible side effects).I pray this next doctor can help me with my nerves and anxiety issues.

Thats all for now.

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