Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 14-better!

Even though 14 isn't a big # i feel pretty good about this and myself..14 days sober...first time in years.. Still feeling adamant about quitting and no desire to withdrawal after the first 2 days( dealing with that awful hangover).

Staring to see my skin improve, but still have dark circles..this possibly may also be from nightshift insomnia..but who knows..maybe in a few weeks i will start sleeping much better and not so much broken sleep.

I don't feel anymore energy yet, but i figure that will take time. I also have weighed myself but at times i feel thinner..i've ben cutting back on my carbs so far by reducing breads and pastas...i have to get a bit stricter with this though if i'm gonna lose this muffin top. I surely don't feel like execising right now, especially because i had to cancel my gym membership due to financial strains. But i think over time i may feel like starting a walking program.

I have been more focused and gotten wayyyyyy more done each day. taken care of trying to get financial help for the huge medical bill, calling about discrepancies and making calls in general to take care of stuff..,worked out some financial things on line; preparation for taxes etc.It's great- when i think about how difficult it was for me to even make one phone call not long ago..

Drinking more water and herbal teas, altho i have to figure out something for before bed since i wind up waking in an hour to pee , and have a hard time getting back to sleep.

Scott seems happier with me and we haven't argued hardly at all. I've been sketching, watching documentaries fishing needle work along with other household organization projects that i'd put off for so long.

All in all though, i am being cautious with my joy...i wouldnt want to put it all out there then look like a fool if i fail... but I WON'T...

Enough for now....

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