Monday, October 19, 2015

Insomnia and Such

This past 3 day weekend was again calm..i drank only a little each night..I did almost over do it saturday and rested most of the day sunday but was still wiped out.The fact that there was no arguing is my touch point.

I've been doing well writing in my Baby Steps book each day, even if its just a few lines.Right now i am awake after once again thinking i'd sleep well. I worked last night,went to bed right away in the morning.Awoke at 1130 , took another half sleeping pill..did not 1215p i took half hit of pot, which relaxed me but didnt put me to 2pm i got up.This sucks..and  worse, Scott is still sleeping. Any other time he is up before me.So now i sit scrolling though Facebook and blogging, drinking coffee and smoking cigs all by my bored, worn out self.

I know if i could just get some good regular sleep my life would improve dramatically.But between insomnia, neck/back pain ,, and allergies..( not to mention night shift) i believe its a futile goal.

On another note, i have been doing well dealing with Scott. I have been doing lots of extra tasking, only talking about neutral subjects and making small talk, and not allowing myself to dwell on negative emotions.I got a lot accomplished and theres been no tension. So- i will take that as a measure of success.Baby steps. That's all I got.

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