Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Savoring the Little Things

Yes, i used to be able to do this...and now i will endeavor to do so again.

Last night i was doing a lot of miscellaneous research online...odd topics..ionic silver, hippy communes, chronic pain syndrome, Lincoln Way(Clairton, PA)..etc..

I actually enjoyed myself and still was able to chat with my BF and work on needlework.In my research on CPS..i read over and over that many times it is psychosomatic/neurological/or psychological. I have all the symptoms so i started thinking about the ways they treat this which is multi-directional.Some said acupuncture, antidepressants, and occasionally pain meds.Some suggested medical/psychological combinations.Some said address each area separately.

I started thinking about that. Most of my pain started occurring this past year. Then i thought more deeply about when and the possible whys of it all.Yes, I've had some injuries, but as the articles described..CPS goes on long after the original injury is healed.Or the symptoms start for no particular reason and no one can pinpoint a cause.So i concentrated on that.

What i came up with is thinking about the last extended period of time that i was happy and pain free at the same time. Its was about 3 years or so ago when i first left my husband and was starting a new , totally different lifestyle. At that time i felt free, happy and excited about things.Like being able to cuss if i wanted, not feeling so insecure that in wasn't like my neighbors or church family, and dressing how i wanted. I no longer had to act like someone i wasn't. Delving deeper into that i finally came to the conclusion that if most of my current pain is psychological, how do i fix that?

Well one thing i did was force myself to relax. My whole body, my mind. Not sit around with the monkey-mind and stress. Guess what? It worked.

Usually i dread my whole ride home because my back gets so tight i can barely drive. It didnt today. Now, i don't claim that every tiny little pain and all the tightness went away. But i can say that it was about 80-90% relief.I expressed this when i got home to my BF.He agrees..relaxation can do wonders..too bad i cant smoke pot!

Anther thing i finally tried today was Breath-Right awesome.. instant relief...I cant believe i didn't try them before.

Now as i sit here at work another long night, i realize that i am still dealing with many underlying emotional issues which in turn are causing anxiety, stress, depression and all sorts of uglies.And what i need to do is just forget about them..turn off that channel and go munb for a while if i have to..or if i'm lucky find a more positive replacement. i know, i know...people say this kind of BS all the time..

I'm talking little things like focusing on a menial task or activity, going for a walk, mediatting on relaxing my body and mind that kind of crap..Hey, it worked for me before..way back when the little things still made me happy( like seeing a flock of hundreds of birds, using lollipops as coffee stirrers, watching the sunset or rise, noticing small items left along the side of the road). Yup, i used to be THAT person..

So once again i shall rise ..Welcome home, my inner Hippy:)

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