Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Technically- Day 12...

posting this morning , early a.m. about day 11..

Went to the gym, had no real side effects or issues with anything ..didnt think about alcohol at all but this isn't unusual on my work day week..i had gotten home in the morning very irritated with my BF (about him calling my Native American post"incendiary" "accusatory" and that it would cause others to be retaliatory against me and i would drive others away if i posted stuff like that-- yeah...sorry i didnt hear you- i was too busy watching the townes people light their torches- whatever)

Anyway, so i got up , took care of the IRS thing( another long , wretched story) and then went to the gym. I made a hair appointment and tanning appointments and when got home i got in the whirlpool and then made dinner, went to work...over all an average evening.

I can't say i will likely be posting everyday during my work week as it doesn't seem to be an issue for me to not drink at all then..It's only on my nights off- and as i stated i will be going out and doing things to keep myself occupied mostly then- like getting to the gym, hitting up yard sales and consignment shops for kid stuff, keeping my grandson as often as i can, cleaning etc.

Again, this is about not BINGE drinking for 30 days..which, truly, so far i haven't..i don't intend to give up a few glasses of wine on the nights off..or a mixed drink or something..this is only a test.

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