Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 10

I must here and now admit that on saturday night my resolve slipped and i did have 3 white russians:..i was in such great physical and anxiety/ pain, and nothing i took(tylenol, motrin, alieve, aspirin) nothing was touching it. i probably could have done without the 3rd drink but, i just went with it.
Nothing like honesty.
On the bright side , thursday and friday i did NOT binge drink. nd i was able to spend thursday evening at the gym and then at home with my partner, and we did not argue. Friday we went out and enjoyed the sunshine and i took him to see all the spots i grew up in in the southern part of the county. saturday we had my grandson and had a very lovely time.We played outside in the yard and on the patio with water, and in the jacuzzi.

Today i got up early  since my daughter was visiting for moms day , and then i went(alone) to the gym. I got a lot of much needed hoes work done and even cleaned out my car.

So things are getting and will get better.

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