Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy PMS day

Yes, in fact it is. So here goes...

After getting my hair done, dieting and tanning all week i have accomplished the following:
1. a sunburned stomache
2. less money in my account
3. a bloated stomache and an imminent attack from mother nature  pending

yay me. On top of working 5 nights again this week and running tons of errands , today when i get back from my tan appointment , My BF was out, stating he was going to talk to a friend about i make dinner..realizing that my period is coming because i am starting to feel irritable..i text him and tell him that i am PMS'ing and to be nice when he gets in.

So he gets home, i find out he did not (as usual) do what he said he was going to do, but instead went shopping for carpet remnants. Ok.

Yes, i know they are for us to use for photo shootsWell, he didnt take the truck ,so he didnt bring them guess what that means? He is going to have to do that tomorrow...on my night off..and it also means he did not set up the area like i requested (on sunday) that  he do before thursday.

Next- as soon as he gets home , he eats the dinner that i made and i see him start to get his guitar cases out. I have to ask (since the info was not offered)"Are you going out tonight then?" He says "yes".......nice

A few minutes later he states that his friend has come back from China tonight and he will be going over to see him after the bar closes... At this point, i just feel like my feelings do not matter at all, and wonder why we are even in a relationship since this is how roommates communicate.

So.... Why didnt he tell me he was going out to see his friend this morning before bed at least, then not even text me to tell me his plans had changed and he was going to go look at carpet.?..why didnt he tell me until the last minute he was going out to a bar to play tonight?...why didnt he  tell me until even LATER tonight that he would be going to a friends after the bar? ..and WHY didnt he even say thank you for dinner?

He did try to make up for it right before i left by giving me a back rub..but then , hey, he also got sex out of that so i figure we are even there.

I would sooooo like to see how he would act if i pulled this shit on him

.Oh look..its 1:15 am..and he finally remembered me and texted .. i reply immediately @1:46 am he finally replies replay to that one immediately also...2:46a finally replies to again telling me he isn't home yet and won't be for awhile since his "friend" just got there.... ...FML..i feel so darned special.