Monday, February 16, 2015

The truth of the Matter

Its hard to believe how long its become between my posts..when i started i blogged almost daily!.To catch up on whats been happening in my life-- i had a wonderful holiday season..i got everything i wanted for christmas and spent time with my family for christmas and new years.For weeks leading up  to all this my life had been gradually getting more peaceful in general as i had made a very difficult decision to cut emotional ties with someone for the good of everyone.I still communicated with that person but eventually realized i had to cut even more ties because it was becoming so stressful.

Anyway, after the holidays , peace started to slowly erode in my home again. Over the course of a few weeks, as the weather got colder, and i worked more nights, etc.....well, it took a great effect on my relationship. I even rented a cabin and took off a week for my birthday to spend more quality time together. It was a disaster. The entire week, with a few rare exceptions(moments) was either miserable or stressful.

I could go in to detail with specifics, day by day, but out of respect i will not.And i will not say that none of it is my fault. I will say this however, i try so very hard.I have my flaws, and shortcomings, but i LOVE with all my heart and soul. I give everything, i compromise,  bite my tongue, even sacrifice at times.

I am truly hoping this gets better with better weather. Otherwise i might just stay depressed and angry forever.

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pa2ndgear said...

it will get better with that, you will not stay angry or depressed..think positive!