Thursday, September 25, 2014

This is only a poem- so don't Shat

Not sure i want to paint today
The flower petals have all turned black
And i want to jump into the leaves and let myself
Be smothered

I am a sexual Dr. Frankenstien,, trying
To sew together pieces of what makes sense.
I exist in this house of emotional ruin
Seeing how the dead exists with the living

This mirror- This smoky grey blackness
Reflects something that bleats and moans
Scratching the dirt walls to get out
but, never quite making it at the end of the dream

I have been labeled
Along with "Goddess" and "Angel"
What of it?

When i wash my halo and horns at night
I think only of the new day
And how to still wander this earth
As owner of both.

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