Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Venice Beach

Here's a view from the beach..beautiful, lots of sailboats, clean…not to overcrowded..but very windy.
And the run down of how our time went:
1. Thursday-In spite of all the rushing around at the last minute , we actually made it to the airport for a 1pm departure fight…while we are there and waiting to board, my mom calls to tell me my grandmother has passed.
Our flight was pretty cool..i got to sit at the window from Cinncinati to Los Angeles and viewed the beautiful mountains and deserts below.
When we arrived , a friend picked us up and drove us to our motel..a very nice guy- old Hippy type, and a childhood friend of my boyfriend.We met his wife and 3 year old daughter on the way.
The motel was sadly lacking in a great many amenities including room to move, hot water, air conditioning and a bathtub. We stayed the night and decided to check out in the boring if possible.
The board walk was cool…many varieties of people and art..but lots more homeless people than i expected
2. Friday- we check into a new, much better hotel..Thank GOD!.We spent the day checking out the area, the boardwalk, the eateries, etc.We did a lot of walking. Also got some groceries for our room, and did some misc. shopping.
3. Saturday- The all day Arts & music Festival ensued..a great variety of music and very well put together for all age groups and tastes.Very tired in the evening but attempted to attend an after party..we left when we discovered our host was no longer there.
4. Sunday, spent the day on the beach with the friends…nice day, a bit windy.But enjoyable.
5. Monday-scheduled to leave on a noon flight, missed it due to a taxi/traffic dilemma and had to wait for the Red eye flight 12 hrs later..spent time on the beach again ,but extremely cold and windy this time..then a nice dinner with friends and dropped at the airport at 9m
6. Arrived at BWI at 9am , drove to my grandmothers viewing (arrived about 11am) then home to sleep a few hours before my night shift.
Yup I know this was pretty boring but basically i just wanted to remind myself how things went…Back to work...

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