Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Many Yins and Yangs

My vacation to Venice Beach  started out with my pre-emptive thoughts about my job, and a foreboding of the death of my grandmother.At the same time i had won $750, unexpectedly.Getting back this week, i find that i still actually DO have a job, and the case i adore..poor little guy only had a cold after all.But - my me mom did pass away. I barely made it to the viewing as we had missed our first flight home and had to wait about 12 hrs for the Red eye flight. I was a complete zombie, and couldn't stay for the funeral because i had to sleep for my nightshift.
When i get online tonight at work here, i notice that my ex who is a roller coaster emotionally, had block me on Facebook because he claims he can no longer take seeing pictures of me and my new guy. Geeze, after he had just liked, commented and posted about several women he wants to date…i can ignore that. But, what really bothers me is just when i am thinking he is past all this,and i think we can move forward as friends, he does something irrational.I'm not really even that upset, but it is a bit baffling.
Another thing i read on Facebook kinda shocked me too.A girl I really thought i liked went on a negative rant about a place many many people enjoy going to on First Friday here.Since she dates/sees a musician herself and had been in the artsy scene for a while, i never would have thought she had that sort of immaturity to her…truly..its sounded like a personal attack over something that was "personally" done to her alone. I have never heard any negativity about this particular venue.

Anyway, here i am at work…the little guy is sleeping pretty well…coughing a bit, but so far so good..crossing my fingers. Truly I am in shock still that i still have this case, and very relieved.I was really sure I was going to be dismissed. But I can only believe God heard all my prayers…and here i am:)

I'm going to do a separate post now about my ventures out at Venice beach…just wanted a to add some personal notes to clear my head and focus first…namaste.

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