Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Winning

As of today, Monday :
1. it has been one week since my last drop of alcohol
2. I have finally gotten all my stuff moved(99.9%)
3. I have managed to keep a case
4. I actually like the case and the family likes me
5. I have been more focused and am hopefully getting better at expressing myself
6. I have been eating much healthier at work(veggies/fruits) as well as in my liquid diet all around- V-8, grapefruit juice, herbal teas, Kefir, and of course water
7. I finally was able to drive to and from work without using my GPS
8. I (with help) organized the office /living room area of the house.

Next up:this week
1.I haven't given up cigarettes fact have realized this past week i smoke more than i did the first few days with the Vape, but only at home…i still do not ever leave the house with a cig..only the vaporizer…but my plan is to limit myself to only 5 a day and NO MORE….then 4, 3, 2, 1,0… will be easier when scott quits and starts using a vaporizer, as well as when this supply of tobacco is completely gone.
2.I haven't been to the gym in two weeks or tanned- i have no time with my work schedule changes and sooo many appointments as well as moving, packing etc, mothers day….so i will go to the closest tanning salon and get a small package to be ready for California by the 29th
3.I will organize my art room
4. i will put away winter clothes, organize my current wardrobe and shoes.
5. I have a hair appointment on tues and plan to get at least 2" cut off so i can look more professional
6. my car gets inspected

Now if this is boring you, keep in mind I haven't been able to be this functional in a long time so it is quite an accomplishment for me.Daily life is still a struggle..I am battling sleep deprivation form working nights, striving to give up my vices, grieving over all the recent transitions, and almost crippled in my art work.So if you are yawning…eat my shorts!

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