Friday, May 16, 2014

A Very Trying Task

For the first time in several months I actually attempted to paint without drinking was worse than I imagined.My hands were shaking, i was anxious and it wouldn't go away, even after two and a half hours plus a half of the pill i take for occasional anxiety or insomnia(trazadone)…I may have gotten some of the two pieces done, but i am not at a ll happy with them.The lines aren't flowing and the texture isn't smooth…wow..what am i going to do?i haven't drank anything alcoholic for 4 days…

Yes, that's how it's going..I have been pacing, as usual in the evenings , wondering what to do with my time..especially on my nights off..i have been drinking loads of hot tea, grapefruit juice, V-8 and water. Last night i needed a project , so i decided to start retyping all of my poetry dating back to the late 80's..It did keep me busy, but not distracted.I also sorted tupperware, and a bunch of usual housework.Man, trying to quit smoking AND drinking simultaneously totally sucks.

Not to mention this is a week of chaos.I had to start packing up stuff all by myself on weds. which took about 6 hrs and created major back and neck pain.Then had a dentist appointment today, and tomorrow, after working night shift I will be back to packing because Saturday morning at 11 am, the movers will arrive.

Yup, then I go back into work Saturday night.

On a positive note: I did accomplish a lot more today than I have on many previous days.I actually went to Bistro 19 and switched out some of my art there, then to the studio set for a local tv show and switched out the art there(they use art as a backdrop), AND i went home and reordered much needed business cards(i use them to tag my work)…

I'll keep at it, let you all (if there is anyone out there) know when and if i fail and try to just keep moving forward:)

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