Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I cannot seem to find the motivation or time to blog since forever…and when i think about it, i have no idea what to write anymore…is this sustained writers block?some days i wake up , thinking.."wow, that would be a great blog" then the idea slowly seeps out of me until its gone…anyway, todays ideas started out with all the women i want to focus on in my artwork over the next season…those in fiction and legend..then i have ideas for writing--- interviewing local artists, and also fictional topic ( cross bred fairytale princesses)…i know…haha..but this is the infinite mind of the ADD artist.

The problem with my affliction is that i have great concepts….and unlike some ADD people, i keep them in the conscious part of my brain….implementing them takes a lot…but i usually do.

at the moment, i am dealing with multiple health issues…relationship issues…financial devastation…etc.
I know in the reality i need to address them, and i also know art is very therapeutic. Yet, i also am start g to understand the mentality of the addict/alcoholic…they know better, but they feel powerless to stop the downward spiral.

At any rate- upswing to the survivor/positive mode- i have let go of some unnecessary burdens financially and socially this month, and have intentions to focus on more concrete and necessary things.
i still smoke too much, and drink- although a tad less than i was…i let go of my studio space in town, and will be involved in no more event planning for a while….i really want to focus on my family, as planned since the middle of january..ironically, my fiancĂ© just found out he is going to be a grandfather.

all i can do is pray, pray, pray..that this time will be healing:)