Monday, December 16, 2013

i still hate my matter how i try..some one is always screaming, yelling in my ear..i should care about this, but i shouldnt care about never ends...if i want something i am being selfish.., but if they want something....well, i'm still being selfish..i cannot win...for instance..

i want to eat dinner WITH some one..before 9 pm..i wait, wait , wait, wait for them to be ready..then i am so hungry i cant wait anymore...but if i ask them to eat with me, i get yelled at..they arent ready, i am being selfish

but, i get done working on something... havent had timeto wind down from the day(at 5pm) but they expect me to be ready to do what THEY want or have planned within 5 minutes..or else i am being,,,again..selfish.

i cant keep this up...too many , wanting too much..freaking out about expectations i cant live up to...alcoholics,  hormonal princesses....  greedy supervisors...they have only their needs on thier minds...

i want to crawl away..far away..from family, friends, jobs, people in general...they all want something from me..i just want me ..just for a little bit

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