Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tap Water Lattes & other Delights of the Working Class

Warning:This post may be offensive to those easily offended.You've been warned.

So, let me get this straight Mrs. had two kids to two different men, left them and married another man with 4 kids of his own, making your total 6 . So then you had to quit your job (oh no wait, you work under the table) & go on welfare to take care of the additional 4.

Now you are asking your two baby daddies for child support because you can't afford to feed their children.What is wrong with this picture??

When it comes to idiocy this obvious, my inner Dexter comes out to play.You see, because while you collect over $800/month plus food stamps and free medical care, the average Josephine, such as myself, is out there actually working just to finance your lifestyle choice. That's right, i said CHOICE!

You are physically able to work, you just choose not to.At least not that the government knows about.

Yup, i'm the one who has to leave my happy home and family 5 days a week and go care for someone else's family just to barely get by. I have to sacrifice  my own personal time actually balancing a checkbook.I have to buy less at the grocery store  so you can buy more because i have to give the government money to support you and all those kids i did not CHOOSE to have.

While you sit around eating dorito's watching soaps all day , tucking the kiddies into a warm snuggly bed at 8pm, & go to bed yourself...i have to get in my car, drive to work and stay up all night away from MY family.

While you are able to take the kids out to McDonald's and Wendy's in addition to getting free  groceries each month...i have to sip on my home brewed tap-water Lattes, and eat boxed mac & cheese.Yeah, and..FYI ...i loove to stand behind those paying with food stamps at the store.....  seeing what luxuries i can't afford to eat. And to make things worse,they usually combine their order with WIC and cash their freakin government checks while i wait,... and wait... and wait- watching their kids pick their noses and whine about what kind of pizza they are gonna order tonight.

While you wheel your herd of children in & out of hospitals, doctors & dentists for free, my kids have no insurance at all. In fact, i cant even afford the doctor co- pays for my own insurance.

What? You can't find a job? I'm sure Uncle Sam could use you in the military. Oh, you're too disabled to sit a desk & answer phones? Isn't that what you do when you watch tv & talk on your cell phone all day everyday?And if you can use facebook, you have some computer aptitude.

Well, i guess it's just not your fault is it? After all, Pennsylvania is gonna give you an hourly equivalent of $9.47/hr. Hmmm...isnt minimum wage  only $7.25/hr. Go figure.

Now let's get personal...

Everyday, i am cleaning up  the  emotional baggage you left behind...the man, the child, the financial stressors you left behind.

But that's not good enough for you, to have left it in the past. Oh no!
How could life possibly be worth living for you if you didn't have a daily crisis to start?After all, why should anyone else be happy until you are?

Let me ask you...(along with her dad)---who takes care of your kid when she comes to our home? who feeds her, plays with her , disciplines her, teaches her?Who holds her when she's hurt, listens to her tell her stories, tucks her into bed at night?who goes with her to the emergency room when she's sick?who spends tremendous amounts of  personal free time sorting out the legal and medical issues you have created for us?who sacrifices time with their own family so that her best interests are served?

ME, that's who.

So you better not come a-knockin' at my door, better not come a-knockin'.
Cuz that door just might be wired by my close friend Mohammed.

'nuff said.

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