Friday, July 6, 2012

My baby girl is finally in labor...hope to be a grandma sometime's been so long since i posted. Here's the update:
1. i have hardly had any income for over a month now house still hasnt sold
3. the 4 year old(my step daughter) has had multiple bladder issues since november grandmother fell & has a face full of awful looking bruises brother relinquished custody of my niece due to so many ongoing issues with his ex creating a huge financial burden
6. my son is still in computer school and (thankfully) is doing well with his grades
7.i'm not divorced yet
8.i've gained about 7 lbs. in 7 months and developed some terrible habits r/t stress
9.the stepdaughters mom has started so many problems with us it infringes on every area of our lives, even when she isnt here---including legal issues we gotta deal with
10. my mother has been on the brink of divorce for about 7 months now.

So chalk it all up and add to the platter...
- trying to get the art gallery events done
- trying to paint when i can, needing supplies badly
-an ongoing proces of moving in here and getting situated
-running around like a banshee trying to get work- the process for each agency is amazingly long, and it actually has cost me more money this past month than i have made including clearances, tests, and gas.

These are the big things.The little things i won't mention.I worry so much about everyone else most of the time i havent had time to deal with my own stuff...but of course nobody understands or sees that.I think i finally did get that through to a few people,but i'll bet when their next issue comes up i'll be expected to help with it...or at least deal with it emotionally.Life is tough right now.

But i am praying for brighter days and trying to remember all that i DO have-love, family, food & shelter, and, most of all, HOPE..:)))

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