Monday, March 12, 2012

The Separation

I walked away from a house filled with things, and walked into one filled with love.
I walked away from no time to spend with my family, into the sound of a child's laughter.
I walked away from loneliness to find the attention i had long given up on.
I walked away from self doubt, fear, and frustration and into contentedness and peace.
I walked away from cold, infrequent interactions, and into hugs & kisses.
I walked away from separate beds, and into the arms of one who holds me all night.

Leaving behind a world of financial security, i found priceless treasures
Leaving behind a job of under appreciation, i found the excitement of new horizons.
Leaving behind the numbness of going through the motions, i found my true e-motions.
Leaving behind people whom i barely knew, i found a world of friends i never would have known.

Walking into uncertainty, I have found security.
Walking into the home of an old friend, i have found my best friend.
Walking into a new church, i have found a renewed LOVE for God and his blessings.

Don't be afraid.
Step outside the box.
Get out of the comfort zone.
Experience what you were meant for.

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