Thursday, February 9, 2012

So, i finally got it!

After all these years, starting this blog with the words "wanting less", i just realized i have finally succeeded.I have less.
I will explain.
Since i am separating from my husband, i will not have the burden of a huge mortgage on my back. I have less worry about keeping up with the neighbors.I have less house to clean, less food to prepare.Less furniture, less space, less expectations placed on me.In fact, i get to set the parameters now.
I don't clean house hardly ever. I cook when i feel like it.My weekends are no longer lonely and centered around groceries, housework, and filling my time to ease the pain of loneliness.
My mind holds less guilt.

However, my heart holds more love. My mind is expanding , my creativity flowing. I am starting to "feel" again. Not numb.
I even feel pain better.

So there it is.....i have less and it's wonderful!