Wednesday, November 23, 2011


wow, it has been soo long since i've been here.
Maybe its because i've been busy with work...or those 3 facebook pages i have to manage.My painting is going well.i have stuff for sale at a furniture store & on display at Martin Memorial Library in York.I just receive the business cards i ordered. And there's a gallery in Arkansas that wants my work soon. That part of life is going well.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And this year i will strive to find even more to be grateful for.Although there is a lot going on that i cannot announce or talk about here, there is always more to life than our own little corner of the world.
My own life is completely off the rails right now. BIG BIG changes are coming , most not pleasant.There are somethings that have been needing to change for a very long time that i have just lived with and hoped would change on their own.
At this moment, i am at work, class is watching a video. I leave at 5...i hope tonight goes well.Hopefully, i will be able to blog again soon.

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