Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Bang Theory

Well, it has finally happened. The major glitch...the big change...the catalyst for reform.
My husband & i may be separating.
The house is going up for sale this week. The truck is for sale. Cable is cut off. Gym memberships and lawn service discontinued.Household items placed on Craig's list.
As i sit here this morning, up early from an early night, i am without TV & news to watch. At least i still have internet service.
I was trying to avoid telling anyone anything until after the holidays so as not to add negativity.
But our annual christmas dinner had to be cancelled and i was getting constant requests to verify the date & time and finally couldnt put people off any longer.
Reactions varied.
One most memorable was a two page email from a relative.It was written June Cleaver style basically stating that a woman has to accept her fate, be thankful someone will support her and that's the best we can expect.Wow. What a great life plan. But at least a second email sort of made their statement less depressing.
And, now...drumroll please...why?
Since i have only gotten a chance to explain this to one freind and my son(last night) i suppose i will have to address it here. After all , i finally posted the impending situation on Facebook so that the rumor mill didn't ensue when the "house for sale sign" went up.
Let me start with an analogy.
For years there has been a very large totem pole in our house.At the top was unnecessary overtime hours, next there was watching tv, followed by buying unnecessary stuff. Next came the Harley. Then came the family-sister , mother, dad....and least i think,if there really wasnt someone else in all of this -was me.This is Jim's totem pole.
So-#1 -overtime: This is the biggest issue & has been for as long as i can remember. I had pleaded, begged, cried, reasoned and otherwise screamed for years that i was tired, very tired of being alone all the time while he worked more & more & more OT. I have been lonely as hell for years, doing everything i could to compensate- throwing myself into school, the gym, work if i had to, and the past year-painting.He has continued to ignore my pleas for him to spend more time with me. We really didnt need the extra money. Ironically, instead of paying off our debt with all the extra, we've simply gotten into more debt(see # 3)
#2-TV--whenever hubbs WAS home, instead of spending time with me or planning something for us, he would sit & watch the tube.He would even try to push me up to the studio to paint so he could watch sports.
#3-buying stuff- no matter how often i expressed my dreams of being debt-free, it was ignored as well.Hubbs has continued to BUY, BUY,BUY stuff and accumulate so much more debt than we started out with i would wathc my dreams slip away month by month...year after year.The new motorcycles, the new truck, big screen tv, vacations, garage items that hardly got used...don't get m,e wrong -he was very very generous with me- lots & lots of gifts, etc.But all i wanted was his time.
# 4 He never stood up for me when it came to his family. I liked his parents...but that sister of his has bullied me for years and he has refused to intervene.

Now i have to state..there has been a lot of suspicion on my part that there was someone else in his life since he was never home. He does not initiate sex with me,and frequently opts out due to some minor illness like a headache, sore muscles, pinched nerve or being tired.I have no absolute proof. But like a friend stated "Even if he didn't have an affair with someONE else, he had already replaced me with so many other THINGS , it amounted to the same".

And there you have it.

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