Saturday, October 15, 2011

Whine & wine

Things have gone back to some semblance of normal here. While i am no longer stewing over the previous incident (last post) with my sister in law, i'm still simmering. However, Hubbs & i have decided not to discuss it.We're moving on, in other words.
But heaven help him if he starts an argument with me anytime soon!
Aside from that fun situation, i am still struggling with trying to lose this weight. If i havent mentioned it before , when i got home from vacation i weighed a whopping 118 lbs!! i've been on a diet and added cardio to my workouts now for 3 weeks. Was stuck at 114.5 until this morning. I'm down to 113. Goal is 110.
Also, from my weightlifting, my back has been killing me, and today i woke up to find that i have my period.We have to go pick up a few pieces of furniture we had given to my daughter, and later i have to work on competency sheets for a skills fair at work this week. Sunday is church, then to work to set up tables & stations, then to a friends housewarming.BUSY.
I did get to paint last night, drank 3 glasses of wine,& didnt sleep well. So this weekend should be lovely.
Now that i am done complaining.....I do have one happy thing to look forward to. Halloween is almost here and my daughter invited me to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the York Little Theater! YAY!!!!!so, life isnt all bad!

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