Tuesday, October 25, 2011

News in the Art World!

Well, things are going prety well at the moment. I finally summed up all my courage again and called a larger library- Martin Memorial in downtown York, Pa. They are very interested in displaying my art and have a very large wall..they will be meeting November 10th to make decisions and would probably want to keep them up until i need them back for February. Also, i finally called a place my brother sent me as a link , located in York city as well, and it sounds awesome !Lots of wall space in an alternative venue i hadn't previously considered.The commission the owner takes is fabulously low, and it totally fits for the economic & political times. Things seem to be going back to a "grass roots" era, and when there's a buzz...money will follow. Additionally , he knows a few people i know, and his vision and philosophy seem to be very in line with mine.
The whole idea has opened my mind up to other possibilities. For one thing, i think i can market myself to other similar venues in different areas. And, i think , at some point i could begin getting prints made of my work to sell inexpensively.So, i'm exploding with excitement right now!
My new series is going to be Genesis II:The Second events. It will focus on shells.The painting at the top is # 1 in the series and i have started # 2.I still have the Genesis 1 collection which will show at the wine shop in February, and that's the one i want to put at the larger Library since they are non-profit and i can't sell them yet.
On the other news fronts....i have lost a total of 6 lbs. Have been eating great & working out 3 times a week & including cardio in every workout. Work is going ok, could be better, but just glad i have a job in this terrible economy.It finances my passions and pays the mortgage.
and, so, for now, i must bid you adeui...(even though i don't know how to spell it)...

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