Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Monster Right in Front of Your Face

In a world full of disturbed individuals , there are always a few who stand out. My thoughts on that? If you stand out, you're really not that disturbed.
Being truly disturbed is reserved for a very rare breed. It is a private privilege of a small circle within the larger corral.And, they really know who they are...even if no one else does.
In 2 , no actually 3, remarkable conversations i had between today & yesterday, things have come into somewhat of a focus for me.My question is , would you want to know someone like that?Would you be willing to accept that person as exactly what they are? Would you try to change (code word"help") that person.
And that person, knowing what they are,knowing they can't be just "changed" to fit the mold, does that make them even more disturbed that they know ?
Let's just say this person has pretty much denied it their whole lives,or didnt know exactly what it was - the monster that still lurks deep down- somewhere so very deep no one would ever guess.They go to work, have a family, they go out with friends, work out, go to church .The front lawn is manicured. The children are pretty well-adjusted. The extended family has a few quirky individuals but no national headlines scandals.
I know what your first instinct is- that sounds like a good many of the well known serial killers.Psychopaths, if you will. Ted Bundy , for instance.
Well, i will stop you right there.
Those people acted on their thoughts, so eventually got caught. The world found out. They paid for their crimes.
But what about the crimes inside of the head.Ones never really acted out but just pondered.Like the witch in the back kitchen stirring the brew while the head chef puts on a show of Japanese grilling techniques in the main kitchen.Quietly stirring, quietly cackling.
We have a show on TV called Dexter. This may address some of the aforementioned.A completely odd series about a serial killer who only delights in killing the "bad guys"-because they deserve it.Even though he knows it doesnt condone the horrendous acts.No body knows, but he knows who he is inside.We had another movie with Tom Cruise where people were arrested for just having the thought.
So, someone had to think of the concept for the books, the movie,the tv show.Telling us there are the truly disturbed among us.Does that scare you?
It should.

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