Monday, October 10, 2011

Livin' livid

Please read before you make a judgement....
i started out the day sort of unhappy. A friend i was texting over the weekend showed his true colors and instead of just friendly chatter started "sexting" me.(and before you think it- no he didnt see this picture, and yes, it was the first time i ever posted anything like it online) I cut the conversation off and started commiserating about why most men can't have a conversation with a woman without it deteriorating into sexual content.It's like, DUH! i am married, have someone who gives me the sex. What i am in need of is a friendly ear, good conversation, maybe a few laughs. WHY would i add more testosterone to my life & further complicate it all?Guess it takes a little intelligence ...
So, anyway, i was just a little mournful this morning , but was getting over when -Bam! out of the blue i get a message on Facebook from my sister-in-law regarding a picture i recently posted on my profile . It was taken about 13 years ago before i met Jim and i posted it in honor of bike week. I have included that picture here.
First, let's look a little closer.Is anything at ALL showing here? hmm...not my cleavage, not my legs, my butt is 80% can't even see my belly.So, what exactly is back , my arms, my face. I'm not even wearing a thong for Pete's sake!I've seen more skin on the Disney channel!
So anyway, long story short i got the third degree for posting a picture of myself "half-naked" and a rant about how all the relatives probably saw it & it will get back to Jims parents.And then "I dont care what you do with your life as long as it doesnt hurt my brother- does he know you posted this pic?"(He absolutely did! i went out of my way to show him- why in the world would i hide things from him?)My oppinion? If Jim's relatives are judging me based on how i look , then what's the difference between them and most guys ?Not a whole lot.Reveals a lot about where their mind is at though.
And finally the last line (in her "ancient "wisdom" and oft-given advice via a one-liner...which i am sure was supposed to drive the point home)"You are a beautiful person. I just hope someday you will be able to see that person in the mirror before you put yourself in a position where nobody can see it."Well, bless her heart.
.... glass houses & all that...
aint it what they refer to as 'the pot calling the kettle black'! This coming from a woman who also has breast implants, teases her hair up so huge that Dolly has nothin on her,wore a gigantically teased wig for years ,wears colored contacts , fake eyelashes, tons of make up & used to run around in public in belly tops to show off her belly ring(until she got fat).
And, what right does she have to presume that she knows anything about the state of my marriage?Wow...some people have balls that clank....

P.s.- i removed the picture anyway, just to avoid a family row...but that woman better stay far , far away from me from now on. I may not bite my tongue next time. Better yet, i'll have to let her know about her own marraige.

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