Friday, October 28, 2011

Drama at the Office

Wow, i can go to a place once a week , stay basically to myself in my little office area and STILL get sucked into all the office politics.

After everything i do for this company i cannot believe the lengths people will go to to try to get you in trouble.They say it is usually to try to take the spotlight off themselves, and i truly believe that.But i suppose it must be like that everywhere.

This time i was accused of fraternizing with the enemy( because an employee who was just terminated stopped in and just happened to stop in my doorway on her way out) . I was also accused of being intimidating with the vent station at the skills fair.....i don't really believe that one, i think words were twisted...most of our field staff have been asking for a refresher for quite sometime..i have been trying to get approval for them for awhile, but with no luck due to budget problems. So , if they don't know the current info, of COURSE they would be intimidated. It wasn't a teaching set up, just a testing station. But, of course the finger would point to me...

at any rate, i am going to see a play tonight at a local theater with my daughter..Rocky Horror Picture Show- one of my i'll try to keep my mind off of it..

The world is going crazy, i swear!

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