Friday, October 28, 2011

Drama at the Office

Wow, i can go to a place once a week , stay basically to myself in my little office area and STILL get sucked into all the office politics.

After everything i do for this company i cannot believe the lengths people will go to to try to get you in trouble.They say it is usually to try to take the spotlight off themselves, and i truly believe that.But i suppose it must be like that everywhere.

This time i was accused of fraternizing with the enemy( because an employee who was just terminated stopped in and just happened to stop in my doorway on her way out) . I was also accused of being intimidating with the vent station at the skills fair.....i don't really believe that one, i think words were twisted...most of our field staff have been asking for a refresher for quite sometime..i have been trying to get approval for them for awhile, but with no luck due to budget problems. So , if they don't know the current info, of COURSE they would be intimidated. It wasn't a teaching set up, just a testing station. But, of course the finger would point to me...

at any rate, i am going to see a play tonight at a local theater with my daughter..Rocky Horror Picture Show- one of my i'll try to keep my mind off of it..

The world is going crazy, i swear!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

News in the Art World!

Well, things are going prety well at the moment. I finally summed up all my courage again and called a larger library- Martin Memorial in downtown York, Pa. They are very interested in displaying my art and have a very large wall..they will be meeting November 10th to make decisions and would probably want to keep them up until i need them back for February. Also, i finally called a place my brother sent me as a link , located in York city as well, and it sounds awesome !Lots of wall space in an alternative venue i hadn't previously considered.The commission the owner takes is fabulously low, and it totally fits for the economic & political times. Things seem to be going back to a "grass roots" era, and when there's a will follow. Additionally , he knows a few people i know, and his vision and philosophy seem to be very in line with mine.
The whole idea has opened my mind up to other possibilities. For one thing, i think i can market myself to other similar venues in different areas. And, i think , at some point i could begin getting prints made of my work to sell inexpensively.So, i'm exploding with excitement right now!
My new series is going to be Genesis II:The Second events. It will focus on shells.The painting at the top is # 1 in the series and i have started # 2.I still have the Genesis 1 collection which will show at the wine shop in February, and that's the one i want to put at the larger Library since they are non-profit and i can't sell them yet.
On the other news fronts....i have lost a total of 6 lbs. Have been eating great & working out 3 times a week & including cardio in every workout. Work is going ok, could be better, but just glad i have a job in this terrible economy.It finances my passions and pays the mortgage.
and, so, for now, i must bid you adeui...(even though i don't know how to spell it)...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Whine & wine

Things have gone back to some semblance of normal here. While i am no longer stewing over the previous incident (last post) with my sister in law, i'm still simmering. However, Hubbs & i have decided not to discuss it.We're moving on, in other words.
But heaven help him if he starts an argument with me anytime soon!
Aside from that fun situation, i am still struggling with trying to lose this weight. If i havent mentioned it before , when i got home from vacation i weighed a whopping 118 lbs!! i've been on a diet and added cardio to my workouts now for 3 weeks. Was stuck at 114.5 until this morning. I'm down to 113. Goal is 110.
Also, from my weightlifting, my back has been killing me, and today i woke up to find that i have my period.We have to go pick up a few pieces of furniture we had given to my daughter, and later i have to work on competency sheets for a skills fair at work this week. Sunday is church, then to work to set up tables & stations, then to a friends housewarming.BUSY.
I did get to paint last night, drank 3 glasses of wine,& didnt sleep well. So this weekend should be lovely.
Now that i am done complaining.....I do have one happy thing to look forward to. Halloween is almost here and my daughter invited me to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the York Little Theater! YAY!!!!!so, life isnt all bad!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Livin' livid

Please read before you make a judgement....
i started out the day sort of unhappy. A friend i was texting over the weekend showed his true colors and instead of just friendly chatter started "sexting" me.(and before you think it- no he didnt see this picture, and yes, it was the first time i ever posted anything like it online) I cut the conversation off and started commiserating about why most men can't have a conversation with a woman without it deteriorating into sexual content.It's like, DUH! i am married, have someone who gives me the sex. What i am in need of is a friendly ear, good conversation, maybe a few laughs. WHY would i add more testosterone to my life & further complicate it all?Guess it takes a little intelligence ...
So, anyway, i was just a little mournful this morning , but was getting over when -Bam! out of the blue i get a message on Facebook from my sister-in-law regarding a picture i recently posted on my profile . It was taken about 13 years ago before i met Jim and i posted it in honor of bike week. I have included that picture here.
First, let's look a little closer.Is anything at ALL showing here? hmm...not my cleavage, not my legs, my butt is 80% can't even see my belly.So, what exactly is back , my arms, my face. I'm not even wearing a thong for Pete's sake!I've seen more skin on the Disney channel!
So anyway, long story short i got the third degree for posting a picture of myself "half-naked" and a rant about how all the relatives probably saw it & it will get back to Jims parents.And then "I dont care what you do with your life as long as it doesnt hurt my brother- does he know you posted this pic?"(He absolutely did! i went out of my way to show him- why in the world would i hide things from him?)My oppinion? If Jim's relatives are judging me based on how i look , then what's the difference between them and most guys ?Not a whole lot.Reveals a lot about where their mind is at though.
And finally the last line (in her "ancient "wisdom" and oft-given advice via a one-liner...which i am sure was supposed to drive the point home)"You are a beautiful person. I just hope someday you will be able to see that person in the mirror before you put yourself in a position where nobody can see it."Well, bless her heart.
.... glass houses & all that...
aint it what they refer to as 'the pot calling the kettle black'! This coming from a woman who also has breast implants, teases her hair up so huge that Dolly has nothin on her,wore a gigantically teased wig for years ,wears colored contacts , fake eyelashes, tons of make up & used to run around in public in belly tops to show off her belly ring(until she got fat).
And, what right does she have to presume that she knows anything about the state of my marriage?Wow...some people have balls that clank....

P.s.- i removed the picture anyway, just to avoid a family row...but that woman better stay far , far away from me from now on. I may not bite my tongue next time. Better yet, i'll have to let her know about her own marraige.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Monster Right in Front of Your Face

In a world full of disturbed individuals , there are always a few who stand out. My thoughts on that? If you stand out, you're really not that disturbed.
Being truly disturbed is reserved for a very rare breed. It is a private privilege of a small circle within the larger corral.And, they really know who they are...even if no one else does.
In 2 , no actually 3, remarkable conversations i had between today & yesterday, things have come into somewhat of a focus for me.My question is , would you want to know someone like that?Would you be willing to accept that person as exactly what they are? Would you try to change (code word"help") that person.
And that person, knowing what they are,knowing they can't be just "changed" to fit the mold, does that make them even more disturbed that they know ?
Let's just say this person has pretty much denied it their whole lives,or didnt know exactly what it was - the monster that still lurks deep down- somewhere so very deep no one would ever guess.They go to work, have a family, they go out with friends, work out, go to church .The front lawn is manicured. The children are pretty well-adjusted. The extended family has a few quirky individuals but no national headlines scandals.
I know what your first instinct is- that sounds like a good many of the well known serial killers.Psychopaths, if you will. Ted Bundy , for instance.
Well, i will stop you right there.
Those people acted on their thoughts, so eventually got caught. The world found out. They paid for their crimes.
But what about the crimes inside of the head.Ones never really acted out but just pondered.Like the witch in the back kitchen stirring the brew while the head chef puts on a show of Japanese grilling techniques in the main kitchen.Quietly stirring, quietly cackling.
We have a show on TV called Dexter. This may address some of the aforementioned.A completely odd series about a serial killer who only delights in killing the "bad guys"-because they deserve it.Even though he knows it doesnt condone the horrendous acts.No body knows, but he knows who he is inside.We had another movie with Tom Cruise where people were arrested for just having the thought.
So, someone had to think of the concept for the books, the movie,the tv show.Telling us there are the truly disturbed among us.Does that scare you?
It should.