Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time is a'plenty...

Well, ok. It's been awhile since i posted. But life has been struggling along here on the "inner banks". Since we can't go to the outer banks, we will be staying on Pawleys Island ,s.c. with my daughter & her hubby, then moving our stuff down the island to another house for the following week. The condo for the first week is "pond -front" and a 3 min. walk to the beach. So fishing for the guys will be in order. The plan is (besides beach time) for the girls to shop and we may also go out to eat together once or twice. Hopefully we won't be too intrusive on their anniversary week together!
The beach house we rented for the next week is down at the southern tip of the island, ocean front...and creek out back..weird combo! but apparently the island is 1/4 wide at that point and only 1/2 mile wide at it's widest point...There is no commercialism on the island itself. We will need to take the causeway to rt. 17- on the mainland to eat, do laundry, get internet service, etc...They said at the agency it's only about a few minutes though.Our particular house doesnt have washer /dryer, no dishwasher, and has one a.c. unit to cool the whole place (not central air). So we are hoping we can "survive"!
But, hey, with the beach in the front yard, an umbrella, wine & a good book, i am suuuuuurreee i will be just fine!
Right now....our whole area (southern central PA) has major flooding everywhere. I havent been to work for 2 days , not just because of that , but also my classes were cancelled. I didnt work Monday due to the holiday either. Although it seems great that i will only work 2 days this week and i am on salary, i am unsure how this will play out in the end. A tad worried that something bad will happen, like them deciding to eliminate my position or reprimanding me for not driving to an office just to sit there all day & do nothing.
Well, come what may, i will have to deal with it. Hope y'all like my usual, still a work in progress!

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