Monday, September 26, 2011

The Afterglow

Got through vacation mostly unharmed. I know when i say it that way it sounds as if it were terrible. No. Just different. The first week was awesome in new ways...the beach was so very different from outer banks. It was serene, clean and placid. Sky was colored in pale blues & pinks , with some pink sand , and pale grey green water. Nothing like the torrential, vibrant, almost violent colors of Rodanthe this time of year. I figured it must be that this beach only gets the labrador current, while rodanthe gets labridor and the gulf stream- killer for surfing, amazing for sunrises/sunsets.The texture of the sand at Litchfield Beach was extremely smooth and flat, unlike the textured crunchiness of Rodanthe. Not many shells either. But, i am happy to report that i found another, larger starfish this year AND, for the first time ever, some sand dollars!even though they were a tad broken, i was ecstatic!
i had a lot of fun with my daughter. We laughed an awful lot. All of us went to a medeivil feast and the guys fished, played & boogie boarded while we shopped, and sat on the beach.
However, the next week, hubbs & went to pawleys island- a true island about 3 minutes south of Litchfield beach. What was great was being ocean front & closer to the water than ever before.What sucked was no washer/dryer, no internet, no dvd player, or any thing on the island itself as far as commercialism(this may be a blessing to some, but having to travel to the mainland everytime u need something got old.Plus the weather the second week mostly sucked...lots of rain. But i have to say that each day did have about 2-4 hrs of decent beach weather.Jim fished, we played trivial pursuit, i sat on the beach when i could drank wine and took a few walks.That was about it. Cable tv was basic and not much on. The house was shaker style, no amenties at all.It was like being at home . I could saved the money ..we were actually anxious to get home this time.
All in all , though, i guess i am grateful that God has blessed us with the opportunity to go anywhere when sooo many people cant.
Right now i am at a 2 day ventilator conference. Had to pack up & leave almost as soon as we got back- which sucked. But the conference has been excellent so far. Great speeakers, good food, good company. I had to dine alone, feeling like a reject tonight, but the food was nice(despite the price).
And tomorrow i anticipate more great stuff.
For now i sit in my room, anticipating a good cable movie, and savoring aloneness til time to curl up with a good book..ahhhh....g'nite!

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