Monday, August 8, 2011

So Excited!

Well, tomorrow's the big day. I cart my newly framed canvasses to the library to hang them in all their hard earned loveliness.I know this step is going to move me forward. I just had to dive in, and, as they say, believe in myself. My next stop will be a larger library, perhaps, or a restaurant that exhibits original art. The goal is not to sell , but to gain exposure.The selling of this collection, titled "Genesis: The Ocean" includes 7 pieces .They are all 11"X 14" acrylic on canvas.I did include 2 16"x 20" ones as well, but they are only ocean related & not part of the collection. Tonight , i spent time making the labels for them and placing them , gently swaddled , into my car for the morning.
I keep hoping i can get enough confidence to actually approach a Gallery someday.I have been reading about this, and apparently the suggested route is to visit several galleries you are interested in for 6months to a year so as to gain perspective on their usual style.Sounds good.But i have to find ones that won't break my budget.
Anyhoo..we shall see....(holding my breath)

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