Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smack- Murphy's law meets My Luck!

Well, my wonderful luck strikes again. It appears as though not only will we not be able to go on vacation to our beach house for the 2 weeks sept11th-25th, now we will also be losing the $3,ooo we paid for it because we didnt purchase the optional insurance. Thanks Irene.
So , not only can we not afford to go somewhere else now, but we will not ever see that money again.
I spent half the day looking for free or cheap alternatives to try & salvage some kind of vacation. I looked into volunteering for clean up on Hatteras- no luck- as well as rv rentals, campsites, etc. hoping for something cheap. RV rentals are as expensive as our vacation rental plus we'd have to pay site costs.Camping sites are pretty much booked except for the really awful ones.
Fortunately my daughter & her husband have generously offered for us to stay with them on their vacation in Myrtle beach for the first week free of charge, which is awesome of them. So we will hopefully do that at least. The second week we may just come home and try to take free day trips on the motorcycle, do picnics or something.Unless a miracle happens we will just have to suck it up.
The worst part is we have worked so hard this year, so many overtime hours, not even seeing each other just to get ahead enough so we could finally relax. We compromised on so many things, didnt spend any extra money on ourselves, and kept telling each other we would make up for it on vacation.
I spent more money this year giving to others in tithes, charities, gifts,and my time than i ever have.I had to say no to so many things because of my budget.This is just a huge slap in the face.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know....I'm just counting my blessings that Irene didn't do much damage to my home or property. I'd take missing out on a vacation any day over having to deal with the destruction that occured in other locations.