Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If I had a Hammer......

I'd use it on the person who constantly frustrates my efforts to do my job.
Yes, once again, the same woman has me boiling.
I submitted 2 in-services for her approval in July. One was a required in service for August for the HHA's . Since she has ignored them and yesterday left for vacation, despite promises to HR that she would look at them and send her recommendations or approval by monday morning.
I sat at our one office branch yesterday and watched 3 employee's come in to get the in service -made a special trip in just to get it, and have to be turned away.
This is complete crap!
I work very hard on these things , and i can't stand her lack of consideration. I realize that she is exceeeeeedingly busy.But, as i have suggested several times, why can't she simply assign someone else to proofread these things.
It's unfair to our employees . Not just the aides & nurses, but the case managers who request certain topics to be addressed due to an issue they are having with field employees. I do the research, put it together and submit it.Then it goes to "congress" and just sits there waiting.
reminds me of the Schoolhouse Rock clip about Congressional Bills."I'm just a Bill, yes i'm only a Bill..and I'm sitting here on Capital Hill..."
I wonder what would happen if i just neglected my duties and went on vacation. I wonder if i'd have a job when i returned.
There's a thing called delegation, Mrs. Apathetic. Use it.

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