Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Well, since everyone else is writing about the earthquake, i guess i'll express a little sentiment here.
I was in a conference room area in Chambersburg, pa. testing a nurse on her vent skills. When we emerged, the office staff were murmuring excitedly . Curious, i listened for a few minutes, genuinely confused. I started asking a few questions. One girl says "Wow, didnt you feel the earthquake?"Dumb-founded i say"uh, no...what earthquake?" . The whole room goes silent, looking at me like deer in headlights. So, i shrug and say"i'm from Dillsburg"..a noticeable "Ooohhh" passed over the room and knowing looks ensued.
You see , Dillsburg , pa is the earthquake swarm capital of the world. We are used to vibrating intermittently as we go about our days.We are used to our homes shaking a bit, and the sound of a passing train coming through our living rooms occasionally.And , i say this "collectively".
For, while all around me here in Dillsburg, up to and including the host of persons in other towns, have all actually felt the earth quakes, i personally have not.My husband has , my daughter has, my son in law has.My brother even has.

I am now convinced, I must have some serious equilibrium problems.
It's either that or the size of my superior brain has somehow managed to internally compensate for the unsuitable environmental surroundings occasionally experienced by humans- much like an anti-virus in computers.
Yup, i have genetically engineered anti- earthquake software in there!

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