Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dusting off the old Brewer

Well, this morning i had it with my Keurig Platinum Coffee maker. For several months now, it has been on the fence, wavering between success and failure in the art of brewing >if this thing had a sports contract, it would've been sitting on the "d" list for half a season!Most mornings lately i have had the dread of banging the thing on the side half a dozen times with increasing vigor, raising the lid & re- pushing the brew button about 4 times for 1 cup of coffee.Mind you, this is the replacement brewer purchased in June of 2010, so-not that old. The original Keurig lasted approximately 2.5 -3 years.
So , after the coffee workout and listening to the wretched high-pitched whining for the umpteenth morning, i tried removing the screws on the bottom to look inside for the grinding , squealing parts thinking i could maybe oil them or something.But no, it's a bunch of wires & electronics up in there which do not lend themselves to maintenance by the average Joe.
So i spend 2 hours looking for the receipt to send it back for repairs. Found the box, found the instruction manual- no receipt.
Went out on a mission to price a replacement- both Target & Walmart price them at $119-149 apiece. No thank-you.
I decided to go back to my old fashioned coffee maker with the glass carafe. This made a trip to the store necessary since i had given away my old filters and had no ground coffee.
But, let's put this into perspective. I just spent $7.49 on a bag of Starbuck's premium House Blend. I spent $1.00 on a 100 pk of filters.Gee, $8.49 for approx. 34 cups of coffee. That's like 25 cents a cup!. Keurigs cost $7.49 for 12 cups -totaling 63 cents a cup.So , total savings:
38 cents a cup!!
And , i just noticed that if i turn my empty Starbucks bag in to one of their shops, as long as it's at least 30days before the sell by date i get a FREE 12 0z cup of their awesome brewed coffee- saving another $2.00 or so.Cool.
Now , let me tell you of the rest of this little adventure....
I get the bag of coffee & filters home. I rummage through bins in the basement & find my old brewer.I read the label on the bag and estimate that for 12 cups @ 2tbsp per 6 oz. cup i will need 24 tbsp. But this doesn't seem right after measuring out only 11 tbsp. and filling an entire measuring cup. So i just put the one cup of grounds into the filter, add the water and turn it on.
When it's done i go to empty the filter compartment.I find that the water has overflowed the grounds and now i have a mess. I unplug the machine & carry it to the sink,( griping the whole way)& rinse it out .Next i have this full carafe of coffee that i am not going to drink right now . I decide i should taste a sip anyway- WOW- this is expresso. You cannot even see thru the stuff when held up to sunlight. I decide i am going to store this concoction in the fridge in a covered pitcher after adding another half carafe of water (which improved the flavor tremendously) so...NOW i have about another 6 cups and this reduces my cost to around 20 cents a cup ( i think, the math got really confusing for me).
Overall this will save me approx. 15.00 every 2 weeks on groceries= $390/year!!!!
Here are a few other recent savings:
-bought 2 separate brands of razor handles so i could utilize coupons as they became available on either
-getting prices on bulk canvas from a tarp dealer to save oodles on canvas frames-making my own! and, i found the stretching tool at a 75% discount in a bargain bin- $5.00 instead of $2o. My daughter gave me her "found" old wood window frames to use as the frames=free! Additionally i am buying more paint & paint supplies at Lowes's instead of Micheals because i can get bulk amounts for much cheaper.
-i stopped using sugar packets- now use bulk sugar bags again
-i switched from using pre packed disposable coffee cups with lids to generic plain styrofoam cups without lids. i get 20 for 97 cents instead of 12 for 2.49. Yes, i know i could use a non-disposable cup- but i truly hate them because then i have more dishes to wash .
i could go on & on, but....

On another note, today i just decided to get some courage and i spoke with the library about exhibiting my canvasses. I am so glad i did. They were wonderful and are allowing me to exhibit from this tues. til Labor day! This prompted me to take my coupons to Micheals to get the rest of the frames- i got everything to the counter & was told i can't use them til tomorrow-i was really upset- but, God works in lovely ways. They are holding my order in the back until tomorrow and guess what! The frames actually go on sale (half-off) tomorrow and i can still use the coupons for 25% off the total order!i I just saved 75%...

I .am. on. a. roll.

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