Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time to really Re-do the Budget

When i first started this blog the motivation was simple- cut back. Wanting less was the theme and over the years i've moved in & out of this depending on circumstance.
Let me just say the other factors have been hours i worked, school expenses, children in /out of the home, pet expenses & crisis, and ,oh yeah - MY HUSBAND!
I really wish he would get on board with my desire to be debt free. I wish now that i had pushed more but i guess after about 5 years, i ran out of steam. He pays all the bills now excpet the mortgage & groceries. I have tried to reduce those costs but with the economy tanking, my house appraised 19,500 less that when i bought it & i wouldnt be hardly saving anything to refinance. It's still smart to reduce the mortgage by 5 years , get a better rate, and save $50...but if i would have to put out the 3300 in taxes & wait indefinitely to get it back from my old mortgage company right before vacation, it won't work.
First of all i still have to give my son 2,000 for school next month & i only have 5,000 left in savings at this point. I am still wavering about my job and have applied at another company again. I hate the prospect of giving up my freedom & flexibility for something that i will hate. But if they REALLY make it worth my while, i need to bite the bullet. I need at least 15,000 more per year to even consider a move.And there has to be a better 401k plan where the company contributes.
On a smaller scale i have to write up a new budget reduction plan. One thing i need to do is change my cell phone plan.But i am in a contract and that makes it a very expensive endeavor to do so.It isnt up until may 2012.Then i want to go to an unlimited text only plan, have people start calling my house phone again & emailing me instead...we already pay for both anyway.Also, i have to reduce the electric bill . Problem is, Hubbs pays for that so it won't even affect me.Damn...i just wish he would give me the extra cash when i save him money...i could re-invest it and make a mint. If only he would give me cash instead of needing to buy me lavish gifts. Grrr...i've tried to sell him on these ideas, but no-go.The only other way to make extra cash is get a PT weekend job (also ending my freedom) or sell more paintings (unlikely- mainly since i don't know how to promote/market myself and cannot paint fast enough).
Another thought- cancel my current gym membership....even though i just started going regularly again, and even though(again) this will save Hubbs & not me, at least i will save the gas driving there. Maybe i can convince him to join a gym closer to us that's cheaper. After all, i have been very disappointed with ours lately anyway.
I have been scaling down in the painting department, using gallon paint from Lowes instead of acrylic in small amounts from Michael's, and have acquired almost all the materials i need to stretch my own canvas.I just need the canvas.
Oh well, i'll keep trying.....

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