Friday, July 8, 2011

She's an Idiot

Tell me, oh does this make sense?
I send an email to this "woman" who obviously has issues with me, but there's no way of avoiding contact with (since , in the absence of the former clinical director, she has become my boss---shudder) way of telling this story without sounding illiterate and i henceforth apologize.

anyhoo, i needed for her to re-send an email containing information on the location of a mandatory meeting . i had looked through vast amounts of emails trying to find it because i soooo dreaded having to ask her anything. well, i explained that i culdnt find it and could she please re-send me the info. ..or give me the address.

Here's what she does (So Typical)...sends me an email stating that she already sent it to my other email address and i had not yet accepted it. no further info....just that statement.

deep sigh..... i sent a response stating that i had already searched for it & really , really can't find it. could she please re-send it.
does she do that ? NO.
She sends me an email saying that another person will send it to me on her behalf.
And he does...

What kind of retard plays these stupid games? how hard was it for her to have simply responded with the address the first time?

I can hardly WAIT to see her at the meeting. She's such a shit head. Yes, i said it. I mean , she a 2 year old? What kind of person needs that level of control, a petty, non functional , non rational type of control?

If this doesnt sink our ship, i don't know what will.

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