Friday, July 15, 2011

Professional Courtesy vs. Machaiavelli

What is so hard about understanding professional courtesy.....since i've already explained about the 3 emails when only one would've resolved it..let's just "move forward' , shall we, into the present....

Let's say you get an email from your vice president , out of left field reminding you in not so many words to mind your p's & q's about an issue that is not and has never been an issue.

ok, so would'nt you ask what he/she is referring to, so as to clear up any misperceptions or confusions? a normal response (unless , of course you are an indentured servant, or slave)

so the response you get is "do not challenge my statements!" with a side dish (read: subtle threat)of "you , the director & i will discuss this at next weeks mandatory meeting".

so, i , being very bewildered about this sudden bizarre outburst sent a response stating that i wasnt challenging him, rather that i agreed with him, but wondering where this was coming from. No response.

i send an email to HR...(still being bewildered) with this response" i can see why someone in his position would percieve your phrase "i am not sure why this has become an issue today" as a challenge to his authority" i completely missing something?

I am now convinced that this is indeed the Stepford company and they are all brainwashed.
Since when does a lack professional perception (of an email) entitle a person of authority to be disrespectful and rude. Doesnt that speak of his own insecurities? I mean who would figure a VP would feel so threatened by a question of clarification as as a challenge to his authority?

Can we say "Machiavallien Hierarchy?" I am just about at my tolerance level in regards to personal humiliation. I like a level playing field where all players are equals. I consider NO ONE but God higher or superior to myself.Least of all some runt who's obviously power-tripping.

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