Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the Move

I'm starting to think i have lost the ability to eat in a non-moving environment. Seriously, i drive & eat in my car so much that , even when i am at home or in the office, i literally have to stand up & walk around while eating or it does'nt feel right.
This weekend, while it is true that it is a much needed break from work, was supposed to be just staying home & relaxing. But really, does that EVER happen?

Every weekend, i have to catch up on house work & go to church.
Every other weekend i get groceries.
And, because i have no desire to be a complete recluse, i try to say yes to at least 1 invite, or arrange a get together of some sort with a friend or family member. Otherwise, eventually i would have no one.

June's weekend activities included a NY bus trip with my daughter, a visit to a girl with CP for her 19th birthday,a dinner & billiards with a friend,and a trip to a state park with a friend from church and another friends little girl- then going to my daughter's housewarming "Mexican Fiesta" afterwards.

So, now this weekend, coming after a 54 hr work week (one of the days i worked 18) i was looking forward to rest.But i was invited to go to a friends for a cook out & wine.
Now you might say "why didn't you just say no?"Well, the fact is i did have to say no to this person several times in the past few months because of other plans & work.So i couldn't very well say no again.
But mostly because i really like this friend & haven't seen him in ages. He started a new job in an ICU and i am excited to hear about it.Since he is gay, i am also wondering if he & his partner are planning to be wed now that NY has passed the law allowing it in their state.

The real downside is two fold..if i drink more than 1 glass (and i will) i will not drive. So i have to stay over. Tomorrow i need to attend church so that means getting up early to drive home & get ready.Also, my body doesn't recover as quickly as it used to from debauchery, so i may feel like crap. And my husband & i have plans to watch the fireworks & eat funnel cake at the riverside Sunday night.

My only saving grace is Monday. I have off as a paid holiday. I WILL DO NOTHING. I will paint,...... and be lazy.

After all, i must gear up for another month of activity.....

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