Friday, July 29, 2011

Not About Me

I think i am getting out of control. At first, it was just relaxing and social. But now, i think i've hit a wall. Too many social get togethers that include alcohol are NOT good for the body , mind or soul.
I do believe that upon re-assessment, i will be placing some limits on myself regarding wine.I have to. Because it's pretty bad when you can drink almost 2 bottles by yourself over the course of a day and still not be drunk , or even hungover the next day.And, it's pretty bad when that is what you spend your weekly allowance on every other week($40).
In fact, yesterday, during an inpromptu drop in visit from a friend, i spent 137.oo to stock up. This netted me 9 bottles.Two are gone.Even though i shared half a glass with a new friend, and spilled one whole glass....still...

So i have to figure out what to do..

And another thing...this whole Facebook issue-- getting on my nerves. I have got to cut back. No one even comments on my paintings or videos or anything most of the time anymore. Meaning, i think, that they are sick of me. And, as absence makes the heart grow fonder, i need to lay low for awhile.
So, i'll make it not about me.
I need to realize that people have other things to do besides read my blog, respond to my posts and compliment my art.I am not that important, and , perhaps i have been a tad egocentric.
So, the run will end for awhile.
Tea is on the menu.
And a lot of sober painting.

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