Friday, July 22, 2011

Dream on , sweet dreamer...

Today's phone interview with the other company was not as good as i anticipated.First there was the discussion about how i would be still doing supervisory visits(which is fine if they are occasional) and then there was the discussion about the hours- 8a- 6p mon-fri plus any additional needed. And last, but not least, the pay- sadly the increase in salary was not near what i expected for such an increase in responsibility . My background is very well rounded in this area. I would have a lot to learn with formats on the computer and with insurance compliance, etc. But that is standard training wherever you go in this position.And at the end of the 1 hour conversation, i mentioned that i had a vacation coming up in September for 2 weeks that was already pre-planned for a year & paid for without any cancellation reimbursements allowed, coupled with the fact that we both work hard all year and watch everyone else go on vacation all summer. I will not give that up..and the comment was " i don't know that the company could or would extend that time to you but i will talk to...(someone)".Overall i didnt get a warm , fuzzy feeling.

So , i did a sup. visit Saturday. Boy, i just got another shocked reminder about how some nurses can even get a license , much less , keep one!The nurse i visited was in so much violation of the state practice act, i could barely stand to know she was hired.She was actually giving a patient a med based on what he said she should give him. There was an incorrect order written (grossly different than our orders and the bottle itself) . Not to mention that she signed it and the client said he gave it to himself because she was late(which she didnt argue).Later i asked her why she signed it she said she just did that because she gave him "X" amount today as he requested!..Arrrgh! When i arrived asking where the nurse was , he says"oh...she's probably upstairs sleeping"as if this was ok.The client was worse- he was cursing & saying " just put the F*cking bottle back on the shelf & don't f*cking touch it!That 'll solve all of this- you people don't have any business f*cking knowing about my meds." Man, what a nightmare.
Nursing can be such a DREAM.

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