Thursday, July 14, 2011

Budget,Work, & Mortgage Woes

Been a long week so far. I had to help with supervisory visits for two branches and be available for classes. Tonight i am on call from 7p-11p for emergency calls.Oddly i only have two classes left to teach. Yesterdays got cancelled so i was able to paint & go to the gym. After work today i hope to go to the gym again, as well as tomorrow( but that may be up in the air). I truly hate how my schedule changes day to day & not knowing what i am going to be doing.
Monday i have a job interview. The position , according to an online source, is supposed to pay 65-80,000 salary in PA. which might make it worth it. The position is a director of clinical services and would be mostly office work...not my favorite thing. But , unfortunately, my house appraise at 270,000 -- 19,500 below what it was 5 years ago. Hell, we bought it for 284,000. I hate this housing market. Anyway, that means i would only save 50 /month by refinancing.
i have decided that if i don't need to bring any $ to the table at closing(meaning the 3300 for taxes) i will do it anyway. It will still save me 5 years and the interest rate is a lot lower.

So if i would get a higher paying job it would really help my budget. I would just hate life everyday. That's all. No big deal.

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